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 Terapia ABA Kids Rise

En Kids Rise ABA Therapy, estamos comprometidos a mejorar la vida de su familia al proporcionar una terapia científica, segura y compasiva a lo largo de la vida de su hijo. Estamos orientados a los resultados y confiamos en el seguimiento del progreso a través de la recopilación de datos y las evaluaciones. Creemos que un esfuerzo de colaboración entre miembros de la familia, educadores y proveedores de atención médica maximiza el viaje de desarrollo y la calidad de vida de un niño.

Nuestro equipo espera poder ayudarlo a comenzar el viaje, contáctenos para una consulta


Quienes somos

Kids Rise ABA Therapy LLC was founded by Anabell Regueira., BCBA, LBA and Claudia Castelnau, B.A, Bilingual Teacher. With over 10 years of combined experience in the delivery of ABA services and educational instruction to children diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities, we recognize the need for high quality ABA treatment across Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; in particular to multilingual communities. As Spanish speaking providers we want all families to feel welcomed and empowered in their child's Autism and developmental trajectory. Together, we trust that a combination of scientifically validated treatment options, educational expertise, and individualized care are key components for long term success in the lives of all children diagnosed with developmental disabilities.


Why We Are Here

Our organization is driven by the core values of Excellence, Engagement, Empowerment, and Belonging. We abide by the Vision that all children can reach independence with a supportive team who focuses on empowering families with skills and resources applicable to their daily lives. 


Our team of providers have credentials approved by the Certification Board of Behavior Analysis and meet quarterly performance reviews to ensure high quality treatment is continuously provided.


Children learn best through play, and we love playing at Kids Rise! We involve behavior analytic procedures into our treatment delivery while ensuring our children are actively engaged in our activities. 


We believe all therapy provided shall focus on respecting the individual and their needs first. Consequently, we incorporate assent based procedures into our ABA treatment and involve parents during sessions to help support with skill generalization.


All children, regardless of family economic status, culture, or ethnicity deserves high quality ABA treatment. Furthermore, we proud ourselves in providing services in English and Spanish; including but not limited to direct therapy, parent trainings, and consultations.

Playing with Play Dough

We offer In-Center

1:1 ABA Therapy

We are here to support children with Autism succeed, and for families to become actively involved in  their child's learning journey.

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