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ABA Therapy for Exceptional Children

Helping families navigate the world of Autism, together.

Now Accepting Medicaid Patients

Services available in Spanish

About Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability which impacts a person's ability to communicate, socially interact and self-regulate. Because Autism is a spectrum disorder, its characteristics vary across individuals; ranging from slightly to severely impacted.

Signs of Autism are most commonly prevalent by the age of 2; signs of developmental delay may appear earlier, resulting in an earlier diagnosis (e.g., 18 months) and treatment.

Research has shown that high quality early intervention, in particular ABA therapy, can improve learning, communication, and social skills for individuals diagnosed with ASD.

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Services We Provide


1:1 Therapy

Social Skills Groups

Parent Training


Excited Children in Science Class

"There needs to be more emphasis on what a child can do,instead of what he cannot do."

                        Dr. Temple Grandin

Data Driven-Individualized Treatment

All treatment plans are established based on your child's needs; components may include communication and behavior reduction goals.

Dedicated, Compassionate Personnel

Our team understands the impact Autism plays in the lives of our families, and our staff is dedicated to provide high quality services throughout their treatment.

Services available to Spanish-Speaking Families

Direct therapy, Parent Trainings and Consultations can be provided in Spanish per family's request. We love for our families to be highly involved in treatment.

Serving Children with Autism and Other Developmental Diagnosis.

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